Isaiah 49:6 ... I will also give You as a light to the Gentiles, that You should be My salvation to the ends of the earth.




We, as Believers, think once we have given our hearts to Yeshua HaMasiach, we are covered. Well we are in a sense but demons, imps and satan still exist. 

We have not received any vaccination which makes us immune. They work all the harder to make us stumble and fall. They want us to turn away from the LORD.

 My wife is Jewish and she has not yet accepted Yeshua. The LORD comes to her in dreams in different ways but she still has not heard. I know she will. We have been married 38 years and the Lord will bring her to HIM of that I have faith.

In the meantime, things get uncomfortable once in a while and she has not allowed me to talk about Yeshua to her. When I talk about God, she tells me to stop preaching at her. She has been depressed, angry and defensive. This has been going on for almost 5 years now.

About 18 months ago, the Holy Spirit moved me to start reading some books about demons. It was an eye opener. I read “They Shall Expel Demons” by Derek Prince and “How To Cast Out Demons And Break Curses” by Bill Subritsky. Then I reread the WORD and saw how Yeshua dealt with them.

I decided to make a bold move. I decided to drive any and all demons and imps from the house I live in. I prayed about this over several days and then with a little fear I chose the day.

Why fear? I did not fear the outcome. I knew it could be done. I feared the process I had no idea what would transpire. What a surprise I got !!

I started with a period of prayer and then a time of complete quiet hoping and waiting for some instruction from the LORD. As I sat quietly I felt my resolve to do this get stronger and the fear I had faded away.

I knew I was ready.

What I did actually was rather simple but I did it with complete faith.

I poured a glass of wine and broke off a a small piece of matzah (cracker). I prayed my thanks to the LORD for all HE has done for our family and for the grace HE has shown us even as we were unbelievers. After the prayer I picked up the wine and matzah and blessed each in turn as I took the Lord’s supper.

I then walked from room to room with the wine in my hand and simply commanded the demons to leave, calling each by name that I thought were there. I command them to leave in the name of Yeshua, in the name of Jesus. I told them the must leave and stay out. As I went to each room I repeated the same thing in every room, I did not skip any room.

When I had finished, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to do as the Israelites did in Egypt. I took the wine and went to each door leading into the house and put wine on the door posts and prayed for it to be a barrier to the evil ones, stopping them from reentering on their own or coming back in the house with some person that may enter. I went to each window and prayed and dabbed some wine around each window. I prayed for any demons bothering my wife at work to leave her. I finished up and just waited.

I felt no difference in the house. I called Hana just to talk to her. I thought she may tell me if something happened at work. Nothing. I just returned to my desk and started working again.

I didn’t think any more about it, figuring if the LORD wishes to show me the results, I would see them.

Hours later I heard the front door open and it was my wife returning from work. She walked in smiling, looking very relaxed. This was the first time in a very long time I had seen her like this. The whole evening when very well and during a conversation Hana agreed to start going to Congregation functions with me that were held out side of the building. WOW, what a victory!!

We are now months later and I have seen a softening in her heart, a willingness to at least talk about a few things. It had worked. The biggest problem was me, I had forgotten a few names to cast out.

Since this time I have had to go back and to this again and cast out others, newer ones, but it works and the rewards are great.

I have learned a great lesson from the LORD but it was just the beginning.

The LORD has shown me, just like in our bodies and homes, there are demons affecting nations. These are powerful and have us as believers fragmented and praying in many different directions. We have to organize and focus. We need to be the warriors the LORD intends us to be. We must pick up HIS Sword and use it wisely. We must clean our bodies and our homes but we must also go after the bigger demons affecting countries.

In HIS service











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